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Welcome, Soul 2 Soul with Linda Neff, NCBTMB Practitioner and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
Spirit of Life Mandala


  • Reflexology
    Reflexology can be defined as a reflex technique, based on the neurobiochemical action that is produced by stimulating a specific area of the foot and that has a general or partial repercussion in the organism (body).

  • Bowen Therapy
    Bowen Therapy will balance and stimulate energy flows, resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation.

  • Reiki Therapy
    Reiki is energy work related to obtaining the highest spiritual energy and raising the vibrations of your own cells and body. Reiki is about achieving your TRUE ESSENCE.


* WHEN: Thursday September 3, October 1, November 5, December3

* WHERE: Mountain Spirit Wellness, 254 Depot St., Waynesville, NC

*TIME: 10 am to 4:pm


- Intuitive Pain Relief Specialist with Integrative Bodywork Techniques

- Gifted with Natural Sense of knowing where to work on your body

- Specializing in Energy Work to Balance and Harmonize the body

- Trained in several healing skills which are combined to bring relief

Come and Recieve 60 minute treatment for $40


Spirit of Life Mandala


  • Introduction to REIKI
    • WHEN: Wednesday, September 2
    • WHERE:: Mountain Spirit Wellness, 254 Depot Street, Waynesville, NC
    • TIME: 6 pm to 7 pm
    • TOPIC: Learn how you can make your hands Healing Tools for your own self care.

“Spent a delightful and informative meeting in the" Intro to Reiki" at Mountain Spirit Wellness at Frog Level.  This facility was very warm, inviting and conducive to learning.  Our teacher Linda Neff explained in concise and east to comprehend details and  answered all the questions and concerns we had about what the practice of Reiki does and does not do.  I cannot wait to learn more.  You owe it to yourself, family and friends to check out this class!!”    ~BE- Waynesville, NC

  • Introduction to REFLEXOLOGY
    • WHEN:
    • WHERE:
    • TIME:
    • TOPIC: Learn how you can take Healing into your own Hands.
    Come and Learn some techniques you can use on yourself to release aches, pains, increase your energy flow, and promote better function of your body.


Canton Senior Center

1 Pigeon Street, Canton, NC


Spirit of Life Mandala


  • Bowen Therapy
    Level 1, 2 are offered in WAYNESVILLE, NC
  • October 23, 24, 25, 2015
  • Advanced Bowen Therapy Training
  • TBA - Contact for information

  • Reiki Workshop
    (Ray-key) rei - Universal Ki - life force energy
    Learn concepts, principles,history, individual techniques, group techniques Current Workshop:
  • Reiki I- : September 26 & 27, 2015
  • Reiki II - TBA - Contact for information
  • Reiki Master Class Level III - TBA - Contact for information
  • Reiki Drumming
    Reiki Drumming is a method of introducing Reiki Energy into the Client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • OCTOBER3 & 4, 2015
  • Purchase your own 16" Remo Buffalo Drum and recieve class for $250
Linda Neff

Linda Neff

NCBTMB # 282633-09

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach #SHC 2058

A certified and experianced practitioner to assist you in healing.

Integrative Bodywork and Energy Work

Mountain Spirit Wellness
254 Depot Street
Waynesville, NC
513. 675. 2819

Also Treating WNC AREA
Asheville, Arden, Canton, Chandler, Sylva,
Leicester, Swanannoa, Black Mountain

Will Bring Treatments Right to your HOME.

Spirit of Life Mandala

Linda treats the body, mind and soul of the individual. Where there is an opportunity to help someone achieve calmness, peace, love, truth, honesty, respect and compassion.....

Linda will take the opportunty to share some of the keys she has learned from her expereinces.

Spirit of Life Mandala BUCKWHEAT BAGS:
The Buckwheat Bags here are used for many purposes: Injuries, surgeries, Aches, pains, Colic in babies.
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