About Linda Neff, Practitioner and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach VAHS#1124

Linda NeffLinda began her studies into natural therapies in 1998. She began by taking a Reflexology course. This lead her into the natural field of exploration. She met Dr. Gene Hummel, ND, Bowen Therapist and began learning about Bowen Therapy. She recieved her Level 4 Bowen Therapy from the Late Milton Albrecht in Auburn, California. Linda also was interested in Homopathy, Herbology and nutrition. So she began a Naturopathic course to obtain a Naturopathic Physician Assistant Diploma. There she was introduced to the Limbic Stress Analysis (LSA) and many Naturopathic Therapies.

It seemed all good……. but there was an aspect of healing that seemed to be missing. Linda was then lead to take a deeper experience into Reiki. She met Mira Shukla, Ph.D, Reiki Master/Teacher and Frans Stiene (www.IHREIKI.com). It was through Reiki and Reiki Experiences that Linda’s healing began to progress even more. Reiki became a tool that could be used on the body for herself…… and heal things deep inside the soul. For a good 2 years, Linda recieved Reiki from Mira and practiced about every day on herself. She amazingly was healing her soul….and the computer chips in her brain where changing…..along with all the other natural therapies she was recieving. After 7 years of practicing Reiki and recieving treatments……. Linda now has a very healthy outlook on healing and the processes one must go through for better health.

Linda now treats the body, mind and soul of the individual. Where there is an opportunity to help someone achieve calmness, peace, love, truth, honesty, respect and compassion….. Linda will take the opportunty to share some of the keys she has learned from her expereinces.