Frequently Asked Questions:

How is your treatment different from massage?

First off, I am a Reflexologist. I have learned reflexing techniques. I use my fingers and thumbs for your treatment. I work very specifically on the problem area to find the intricate strands of muscles that are bound up, blocked, and need to be released so energy can flow through them and become relaxed and balanced with the rest of your suroounding muscles and body.

The treatment is nothing like a massage, but totally a unique experience toward reaching areas that need to be released.

How long is a treatment?

Treatment will last either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Sometimes a treatment will be longer as I like to feel complete with your session.The First visit is usually 1 hour and then we can decide on your plan of treatment.

How long will it take before I feel results?

That is specific with each individual. You may feel results occurring as you are receiving a treatment. You may feel results after the treatment and getting up from the table. Or you can feel results later in the day or possibly the next day.

How long will the treatment last?

This is also specific with each indivdual. The treatment may last for 2 to 3 days depending on how long the conditon has been in your body. You can also feel the result as long as a week. And I have had others tell me that the treatment lasted for a month or longer. I have treated individuals where their condition left them completely over a period of a year, 2 years, or completely after they have had a series of treatments.

How many visits or treatments will I need?

This is dependent on your condition. Is it acute or chronic? Acute conditions will take less time to get best results. A chronic condition will take many more treatments. Your situation will also vary in how willing you are and open you are to the healing and willingness to let go of the physical, emotional, and mental ties to the condition.

I can say that you will usually know within the first visit or it may take 3 – 5 treatments before you will truly know whether the treatments are going to make you feel better and you will begin to hold the treatments.

I can not guarantee you anything….. but I can guarantee that I will do my very BEST to work with your condition and get the BEST results I can possibly do.

What happens if the treatment is slow to get results?

There are situations where you may need two different types of bodywork. For example: You may need some Chiropractic work with your treatment with my services to get results quicker. Or you may have a series of treatments from me and I can refer you to an acupuncturist that can get in deeper and more concentrated to release your condition.

Should your treatment not be effective… I will be able to advise you to other sources of treatments which may work with you. Sometimes you must experiment with your body to find the right treatment or the right practictioner.

I have also found that some clients were not ready to cope with the emotional attachment to their condition. This can make a treatment more difficult to resolve. One must be willing to ‘let go’ of emotional connections to a pains held in the body.

Do you take insurance?

Since I am working from my home…I can not work with Insurance Companies. However, I have had clients that apply the expense to their HSA accounts. I will give you a receipt and you can work with HSA.

Do you offer DISCOUNTS?

Yes. I offer a discount when you purchase a package of treatments of 3 or 5. This is helpful when it will take 3 to 5 visits or possibly more to work with your condition.