Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy (Ray-key)

rei – universal
ki – life force energy

Reiki is energy work related to obtaining the highest spiritual energy and raising the vibrations of your own cells and body. Reiki is about achieving our TRUE ESSENCE.

This is a tool to help you on the spiritual journey in life that can change your life from chaos to peace and smoothness, from disharmony to harmony, dislike to unconditional love ( yourself or others) and can transform your life.

  • Reiki is spiritual energy
  • Reiki is a simple hands-on technique to modulate the energy in oneself and others to bring about harmony and abundance.
  • Reiki is an energy that brings life.
  • Reiki is energy in the universe that keeps things alive.
    Reiki is used to heal oneself & others.
  • Reiki Helps heal relatonships.
  • Reiki assists in wellbeing of self and others.
  • Reiki breaks up energy blocks and emotional struggles to help make life smoother.
  • Reiki helps create abundance.

Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a theologist and Dean, in late 1800’s. Dr. Usui trained Dr. Hayashi who trained Mrs. Takata, a Japanese American, who trained 22 Reiki Masters and Teachers.

Linda has received her Reiki training and Reiki Masters from Mira Shukla, Reiki Master & Teacher and Frans Steine (Australia).

Linda has experienced improved health and wellness through her practice with Reiki. Reiki has enhanced her work in Reflexology and Bowen Therapy as well as her personal life.

Reiki Principles:

Mrs. Takata

  • Just for Today, I will let go of anger.
  • Just for Today, I will let go of worry.
  • Just for Today, I will give Thanks for my many Blessings.
  • Just for Today, I will do my work Honestly.
  • Just for Today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living and non – living thing.

Dr. Usui’s original Precepts

  • Do not bear ANGER… For anger is an illusion.
  • Do not be WORRIED… fear is a distraction.
  • Be true to your WAY and your BEING.
  • Show COMPASSION to yourself and others because this is the centre of Buddhahood (realize own true essence).

Linda’s Intrepretation:

  • Be LOVE
  • Be TRUST


$65 – hour treatment

$40 – half hour treatment


$160 –  3 – 1 hour treatments

$260 – 5 – 1 hour treatments

$160 – 5 – 1/2 hour treatments

$275 – 8 – 1/2 hour treatments

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